Feb 052020

The following are links to the two readings that Linda Drake so kindly provided the sangha when Sensei Al was not present on 2/1/20:

The first reading, “The Art of Not Being Offended,” is by Shemsi (Jodi) Prinzivalli, Ph.D., psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, and author of How to Be a Mystic in a Traffic Jam: Reflections on Living as a Spiritual Person in Everyday Life, from which the article was apparently excerpted. She evidently maintains a private practice in NJ and NY, and there’s a copy of the article posted on her website <http://www.njcenterfortherapy.com/TheArtofNotBeingOffended.en.html>. It contains the standard request not to reprint it without her permission.

The second reading is from well-known meditation teacher and psychologist, Jack Kornfield. His October 2018 article or post is called “Freedom amid Challenging Times” <https://jackkornfield.com/freedom-amid-challenging-times/>