The Community page is where sangha members can post self-organizing sangha participant activities such as hikes, picnics, outings, etc.  These activities are not initiated nor officially sponsored by Upaya Sangha of Tucson LLC.

If you would like to post an event, please send an email to Sensei Al Genkai Kaszniak with the title, event description, date of the event, where to meet, how to contact you, etc.


Bill Thompson’s Art & Poetry

Click here to see Bill Thompson’s art and read his poetry.


New Announcements:


UA Center For Buddhist Studies Lecture Series

The UA Center for Buddhist Studies announces four lectures in the SPRING 2018 Pu Yin Buddhist Studies Lecture Series. Professor Albert Welter will give the inaugural lecture on Hangzhou Buddhism, and the remaining three lectures will focus on Chinese Buddhism, American Buddhism, and the concept of Regional Religious System (RRS) in Buddhist studies. All lectures are presented in English and open to the public. The series is sponsored by the Pu Yin Educational Center.

A NEW LOOK AT OLD TRADITION: Reimagining East Asian Buddhism through Hangzhou Presented by Albert Welter Professor/Head, UA Department of East Asian Studies. LOCATION The Little Chapel of All Nations, 1401 E First St, Tucson TUESDAY, JANUARY 30, 4 PM

The Idea, History, and Influence of Master Jinghui’s Living Chan in Contemporary Chinese Buddhism Presented by Yaling Chu Associate Professor, Shijiazhuang College, Visiting Scholar. LOCATION The Little Chapel of All Nations, 1401 E First St, Tucson FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 4 PM

COLLOQUIUM: San Francisco Zen Center and American Buddhism Presented by Zoketsu Norman Fischer Former Co-abbot of the San Francisco Zen Center. LOCATION Copper Room, UA Memorial Student Union FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 3:30 PM

Buddhism as a Regional Religious System Presented by Karl Ryavec Professor of World Heritage, University of California, Merced LOCATION The Little Chapel of All Nations, 1401 E First St, Tucson THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 4 PM




New Book Club Forming for 2018

This book club will start in 2018 with the topic focus on: “Shamanism, Zen Buddhism, and Deep Ecology – The Early Writings of Roshi Joan Halifax”. (It may take the entire year to complete this topic!)

The initial book club meeting will be March 17 and will cover chapter one of Roshi Joan’s book, The Fruitful Darkness, at Rincon Market at 12:30 to 2 pm. Also more info will be emailed to those who have “signed up” but others are welcome to join this social/educational monthly event.

Interested persons can contact Evan Kligman directly thru his email at: <>  or leave a phone message on 520-405-5696.

The recommended reading list for 2018 will be Roshi Joan’s 3 books related to shamanism in this order:

The Fruitful Darkness
Shaman: The Wounded Healer
Shamanic Voices: A Survey of Visionary Narratives

All 3 books are still available on Amazon. (One or more may be out of print, but available used).


The Science of Mindfulness and Compassion

Co-sponsored by TCMC

February 10–11, Tucson
The Science of Mindfulness and Compassion. A Weekend with Kristin Neff & Shauna Shapiro. February 10–11, 2018 I TUCSON, AZ. REGISTER NOW – SAVE $50. Use code TCMC50

To register, go to

For more information contact


Cochise Stronghold Retreat
Job Opportunity

For many years, Nancy and I have hosted individuals who wish to go on solitary or nature retreats at Cochise Stronghold Retreat Center. Many of you have visited this very special canyon outside of Tucson, AZ.

We wish to leave the day-to-day operations that go into Cochise Stronghold and are seeking an individual or couple to come and live here as site manager/s. This is a wonderful opportunity for individuals who live mindfully and have some experience or wish to gain experience in running a retreat center. The job description is outlined below. This is a full-time position “on site.”

Please send a letter of inquiry to if you are interested in learning more. We would appreciate you forwarding this email to anyone in your network who might be interested.

You can also find a link to the job listing on Facebook here – feel free to share widely in your social network.

In Joy,
Job Description – Manager of Cochise Stronghold Retreat

Cochise Stronghold Canyon Nature Retreat operates as a small-scale meditation and spiritual retreat center, as well as a wilderness destination. Guests come for meditation and spiritual retreats; to hike; bird-watch; enjoy abundant wildlife; and to appreciate the serenity of wild nature at this remote mountain location. The business is permitted as a bed and breakfast; see Coshise Stronghold Retreat Center website and Dharma Treasure – Personal Meditation.

John and Nancy Yates wish to retire from the active daily duties of managing the retreat center. Their vision is that the facility and its natural environment continue to operate as a mountain canyon refuge; that the land be well cared for; that others benefit from quiet support for meditation, spiritual development and nature enjoyment. They will train the new manager and also help facilitate transition efforts for the center’s successful continuation with new partners.

Qualities Desirable for the position
Avid interest, enthusiasm and experience in outdoor recreation, wilderness and nature appreciation. Strong enthusiasm, interest and familiarity with meditation and spiritual practices. Responsibility, initiative, friendliness, a sincere interest in helping others and excellent communication skills.

College degree and/or experience providing assistance in an office environment; excellent computer skills.

Administrative duties:
– serve as office manager;
– correspond with prospective guests;
– hold dates and confirm reservations;
– process payments;
– maintain reservation systems, calendar management;
– meet, greet and provide site orientation to guests;
– anticipate and meet guests needs;
– book-keeping: keep income and expense records current using Quickbooks;
– fulfill legal obligations (i.e. tax filing, reporting) working with accountant as necessary;
– carefully monitor cash flow;
– develop, maintain and improve website, AirBnB listing, Facebook page;
– market and promote Cochise Stronghold Retreat through increased online presence;
– recommend and develop organizational efficiencies;
– manage grocery shopping and supply needs;
– stay current with insurance company requirements.

Site Management
– develop operational manuals for maintaining and protecting all major site equipment – i.e. well, septic fields, water lines, hot tub;
– develop & co-ordinate site maintenance schedules;
– oversee cleaning, monitor state of sparkling clean, occasionally will need to clean;
– oversee building and property maintenance, occasionally will need to do maintenance;
– oversee landscaping and grounds maintenance, occasionally will need to do maintenance;
– oversee maintenance of Firewise efforts and permaculture installations;
– oversee maintenance of safety for ingress and egress routes and site safety.

Please send your resume to:


Interested in More Regular Longer Sitting Opportunities?

If you are interested in more regular longer (e.g., half-day or full-day) meditation opportunities, and have the space to host a sitting session in your home, please contact Val Mustain <>