Duplicate an announcement


Oftentimes you may want to post an announcement very similar to an earlier announcement, with only dates changed for example.  This approach should be especially useful for posting meeting announcements, which are similar from meeting to meeting.

Select Posts > All Posts from the left-side menu of the dashboard.

Find the post you want to copy.  Move your mouse over the title of that post and a menu will show beneath the title.  Select “New Draft.”  This will create a new post with identical contents.

Now, edit the title and text for the new announcement.  For a meeting announcement, this typically means editing the date and any description of the meeting contents in the text.

After you update the title and text, click on the “Preview” button in the upper right to see what the post will look like.  If you want to make further changes, continue editing until you get the result you like.

Next, move down to the “WordPress SEO by Yoast” section.  If necessary, update the “Focus Keyword” and meta description.

If the post you copied was not visible on the website’s home page, go to the section in the right column named “Post Visibility” and make sure that “Hide on the front page” is not checked.

You’re almost done.

If you decide that you cannot complete the post, or need to consult with someone first, look in the Publish box and click on the “Save Draft” button and you’re done for now.

If you’re ready to publish the post, click on the “Publish” button to make the post public.  It will now be visible on the front page.

Finally, if you want now to hide a post previously visible on the front page, find that post in the list of posts and edit it.  Go to the “Post Visibility” section and check “Hide on the front page.”  Click on the “Update” button to update that post and hide it from the front page.