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I was asked by several sangha members if I would save and post my “check in” haikus. I’ve included a few photos of some things that captured or inspired them. I’ve been drawn recently to the idea of speaking less and listening more.  While these don’t conform to strict haiku patterns, I work at limiting them to seventeen syllables. Many thanks for the positive feedback.

—Bill Thompson

The yellow Palo Verde shouts hallelujah with great abandon


One inch gecko on floor – we’re both vertebrates? Impossible, yet true.


Old friends return to my night sky.  Orion and the Seven ​Sisters


I asked my mind nicely, but it answered: You’re not so smart – No poem for you!

Clouds blue, white and grey whisper of promised rain. Weeks, days, hours – life returns


Pale spider with striped legs, your perfect web gives me my dream kitchen – now


Learned that Certainty is the enemy; Ambiguity my friend.

Muttering about cold floors, sweaters and warm showers. Fickle, my mind.

Monkey mind! More like Keystone Cops. Laughable my phony dramas


Nightime desert for the Perseids. I watch myself watch the sky. Whoosh. Wow…



Biked Sabino at full moon, watching my breath.  At one point I had none.



Wish I was as wise as my small dog; the same short stroll, always in bliss.