Apr 162023

Fridays from 12-1, in the in the Little Chapel (which is in the southeast corner of the Ada McCormick Building), 1401 East 1st Street, on the UA campus (usually, there is limited free parking available just east of the building).

Offered by Upaya Sangha of Tucson

Silent “just sitting”: two 25-minute meditation periods with a 5-10 minute break in between the two sits.

Rev. Lynda Jinchi Zwinger will offer basic meditation instruction prior to each sitting, but you are welcome to sit however you are comfortable: on a meditation cushion or bench, in a chair, or whatever works for you. There are cushions, mats, and chairs available. You are welcome to join for either meditation period, or both: 12:00 for the first meditation period and/or 12:30 for the second one.

Doors and windows will be open. Please mask for the benefit of self and others.