Jul 012014

This retreat occurred last year so registration links in this post have been disabled.

Jack Kornfield will be in Tucson November 15-16, 2014, for a two day teaching: The Psychology of Loving Awareness: A Two-Day Training in Transforming Difficulty into Ease and Well-Being.  The teaching will be held at the Tucson JCC and registration is sponsored by Sounds True, who will be recording the event.

Loving awareness, mindfulness, and compassion have enormous power to benefit every human life. These time-tested tools of Eastern psychology are widely supported by modern neuroscience in more than 3,000 studies and research papers from the past 25 years. With The Psychology of Loving Awareness, master teacher Jack Kornfield invites professionals and meditators alike to join him in Tucson, Arizona to discover the transformative practices from Buddhist psychology that are now being applied in therapy, education, medicine, business, law, athletics, the arts, and in the personal lives of millions.

This two-day training will offer the theory and practice of age-old methods for transforming difficulty into ease and well-being. Through guided practices, wisdom teachings, experiential exercises, case studies, healing stories, dialogue, and inner training, Jack Kornfield will provide an immersive demonstration of the most important principles of Buddhist psychology for awakening the heart and mind.

For further information about the retreat or registration, contact the sponsor, Sounds True.  Upaya Sangha of Tucson is posting this message about the event as it may interest many of us, but we have no further information about the event.